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Adventures, Workshops, Mentoring

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School Week (Inservice) and Saturday Sessions, and Day Camps 

These apprenticeship (tracks) programs occur during the school week, Saturday sessions, and day camps:

  • Horsemanship

  • Ranch hand

  • Apprentice volunteer staff

  • Junior apprentice volunteer staff

With regular summer session attendance, tracks can be completed in 3 months.

During school year sessions, tracks are completed in six to nine months.

Life Skills Training and Mentoring

There are several flavors of family skills training courses. Some are structured within the context of farm life, learning tasks and life skills via the various activities that include caring for the animals, leading and riding horses and playing team-based games during the year-round sessions. This setting allows parents to work in tandem with their kids, and either practice new skills with their children as part of the staff-led activities and/or observe new behaviors/skills learned by their children. Others are mentor sessions held one on one with both adults and youth.

Vocational Training

Vocational skills workshops are held offsite to aid adults in learning technical skills related to positions in Linn and surrounding counties.

Facility Visits

Retirement homes and other facilities bring clients to participate at the farm or we take animals and kids to their facility.  


We work with other community organizations, provide project planning services, implementation, publicizing events, etc.


Rebuilding Your Self
and Your Family Workshop Series

This series is an offsite curriculum-based 14-week course held six times a year. Childcare is available without cost for all ages of children, including those with special needs.


Let's Make A Change

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